The Doctor Is IN! Discussions about Health & Human Trafficking

Healthcare and Human Trafficking in Cambodia

April 5, 2021

My interview with Dr. Judy Norman (OB/GYN) about her work in Phnom Penh, Cambodia where she teaches Gynecology and Women's Health. Dr. Norman is doing some remarkable out-of-the-box interventions to improve the health and wellness of women in places like garment factories and those selling sex in the red-light district. She is breaking down cultural barriers and leading her staff and community towards real change for women in Cambodia. We also discussed some practical medical interventions for those working directly with women in prostitution.

A couple of main take-aways are that we should remain life-long learners and to train up others and multiply yourself where you are qualified. She also emphasized networking and collaboration with NGOs so that strengths are synergized for maximum benefit and impact. I'm sure you will be energized and inspired by this dynamo physician! You can see our interview here.

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